Frequently Asked Questions


Are you licensed and has your kitchen been inspected?

Yes, Corner Hutch Cookies, LLC is a fully licensed and inspected home kitchen in Virginia and is registered with the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture.  This allows me to sell and ship anywhere and sell for resale.

What kinds of cookies do you offer?

My specialty is delicious hand decorated cookies for special events. Custom designs are welcome but there is a large selection in the gallery from which to choose or inspire you. I offer a “regular” sugar cookie and a gluten free sugar cookie which are my own recipes. Both have a consistency of a sugar cookie/ shortbread combined.  All cookies are baked fresh to order.  I do not keep cookies in stock.

How can I request a quote or place an order?

Before requesting a quote or placing an order please first read through all the FAQs, Pricing and Order pages. The Pricing page has a rough breakdown of cookie prices to help you in budgeting for your order.
I realize there is a lot of information on my website. This is because a lot of details and many many hours go into making one cookie design and creating an order to be exactly what you want. By reading the information on here first and filling out the questionnaire on the Order form ahead of time it helps the ordering process for both of us go much smoother.

Once your request is received I will contact you via email within 48 hrs. If I have availability on my calendar for the date of your event we will finalize the details of your order (via email or phone) and then I will send you a quote.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes. Custom orders are welcome. Although you may order cookies as they are presented in the gallery, these cookies may be customized by changing colors or adding name, initials, etc. Or if you do not see a cookie that fits your occasion please contact me so we can discuss your ideas for a custom order.
Custom orders are priced on a case-by-case basis. To some extent all orders are “custom” because I enjoy being able create a unique cookie design to complement your theme. There will be an additional charge for some custom designs depending on the complexity and number of designs, size of cookie(s) and the amount of time involved in the design process. The size and shape of the cookie will determine how much writing may be done if you wish to personalize your cookies.
Note: Due to copyright and trademark infringement laws, I cannot do copyrighted or trademarked images without written permission from image owner. These include Disney characters, professional team and players’ names, company logos.
However, I am able to do characters that are public domain and/or I will be glad to work with you to create designs that complement your theme. Please contact me to discuss your ideas. 

How far in advance should I order my cookies?

Please allow 2-4 weeks (or more during the holidays) prior to date of your event to place your order, have order confirmed and make payment. However, if you are in a real cookie crisis, and the schedule allows, I may be able to take an order with less notice.
A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date and order will not be started to full amount received.
Please see deposit, payment, cancellation and refund policies on Pricing page.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a $30.00 minimum for each flavor and type of cookies (regular or gluten free). (ex. $30.00 minimum for Vanilla/Almond; $30.00 minimum for Vanilla Gluten-Free). This is the minimum before taxes, shipping or delivery and does not include any custom design fee. They are in addition to the $30 minimum.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Due to the zoning ordinance of my county I am required to deliver off of my premises.
A delivery charge will be added depending on location with the minimum being $5.00.  Another option is to have your order shipped to you. See next FAQ for details.

Do you ship cookies?

Yes, for an additional charge I can ship cookies. After receiving your order and all details are worked out I will provide you with a quote for your order that includes shipping.  I use USPS and ship Priority Mail either through USPS or through an independent shipping company (whichever is less) which usually delivers in 2-3 days within the USA.
See next FAQ question to see how you can save even more on shipping costs.

Although great care is given in packaging your cookies by individually wrapping them in bubble wrap so that they arrive unbroken, I am not responsible for any breakage once they are delivered to you or are in transit via the postal service. No refunds are given for breakage of any cookies. Please be sure to order far enough in advance to allow time for your order to be shipped.

May someone else combine their order with mine so we can divide the shipping or delivery fee?

Yes.  It is a great idea to combine orders to save on the shipping or delivery fee. So consider asking a family member, coworker, etc. to order with you.  You don’t have to order the same designs.  Payment may be made separately as well.  Just ask me about it when you order and we’ll figure out the details.

Are references or testimonies about your cookies available?

Yes, references are available upon request for both my regular and gluten free cookie.  I have numerous customers who order from me for every holiday and many other events throughout the year.

Do you offer Gluten Free cookies?

Yes, I do offer gluten free cookies. There is an additional $3.00 charge per $30.00 order. After a great deal of experimenting, I have created my own recipes for gluten free cookies that I believe taste as great as my regular sugar cookie recipes and have a wonderful texture as well.

Is your kitchen a Gluten Free kitchen?

Although I use all gluten free ingredients in these cookies and am extremely careful to avoid cross contamination with gluten products, my kitchen is NOT a gluten free kitchen and cookies are not “certified” as gluten free.  Please keep in mind the degree of sensitivity to gluten of the person for whom you are ordering.

Do your cookies contain wheat, nuts, eggs, milk or food coloring?

Yes, some of the flavors of cookies do contain nut flavoring and all are made in a kitchen which uses and stores tree nuts and peanuts. My “regular” (non-gluten free) sugar cookies also contain wheat (flour), eggs, milk (butter), and food coloring. However, my gluten free cookies do not contain wheat but do contain eggs, milk (butter), along with gluten free food coloring and flavorings.   A full list of ingredients is available upon request for either type of cookie.

What flavor are your cookies?

For both my “regular” sugar cookies and my gluten free cookies there are 2 flavors from which you may choose: Classic Vanilla, and Vanilla/Almond.  If there is another particular flavor you would like me to make, please request a quote. 

Do you offer samples to taste test your cookies?

Yes, I do offer taste samples.  The minimum order is 2 dozen (24) plain white miniature cookies of one flavor for $18.00 plus tax, shipping or delivery. I will be glad to do these as time allows in my schedule between regular orders and will waive the $30 minimum order fee for samples.  Please be sure to order samples well in advance of your event so there is ample time to place order for actual event.

May I combine flavors of cookies in one order?

Yes, as long as there is a minimum of $30.00 per flavor of cookie.

May I combine regular cookies and gluten free cookies in the same order?

Yes, as long as there is a $30 minimum per type and flavor of cookie (ex. $30 min. for  regular cookies per flavor/ $30 minimum for gluten free cookies per flavor plus additional fee for gluten free cookies).  Please be sure to allow extra time when placing combined orders for gluten free and non-gluten free (regular) cookies. I process these orders on separate days to help reduce any cross-contamination.

Will my cookies be wrapped?

Yes, included in the price you will be quoted is each cookie being individually wrapped in a clear heat sealed bag. Miniature cookies are usually wrapped  2-5 cookies per bag.

Cookies are then either individually wrapped or between layers of bubble wrap and carefully packed in a bakery box to be delivered.
package is a gift, I can include coordinating raffia or tissue paper in bakery box and then box is tied with coordinating ribbon for an additional charge depending on size of box(es). 

Each bag may be tied with a coordinating ribbon (baker’s choice of color) for an additional fee of $0.25 each.
Custom ribbon color available as well for additional fee.  Please note on order form.

Platters of unwrapped cookies are available for local delivery only.  Platters cannot be shipped.  Please request a quote.

How long are your cookies fresh?

Cookies are fresh for 2-4 weeks at room temperature if kept in the bags in which they are packaged. Cookies may be frozen for at least 3 months if kept in the bags they are packaged and placed in airtight container in freezer. Allow to thaw in packaging at room temperature about 30 minutes before eating. Microwaving is not recommended to quick thaw the cookie because of the possibility of getting burned. The fondant/icing on the cookie can become very hot in just a few seconds even though the cookie may still be cold.

How should I care for my cookies?

To ensure freshness cookies should be kept in the individual bag in which it is wrapped until ready to be eaten.  Also, avoid leaving cookies in direct sunlight because it is possible for the colors to fade.

Will my cookies be pictured on your website?

I do take pictures of all cookies and some may be displayed on the website for inspiration for future customers. I would wait to post pictures until after your event has occurred so as not to spoil any surprise element for your event.  Please contact me if you do not wish to have your cookies depicted on the website.