SEPTEMBER(only couple dates open for Sept) – JANUARY 2020

You may wish to place a deposit to save a place on my calendar for any future event in 2019.  Please contact me for details. My calendar fills quickly with orders and family obligations. (There is only one of me  ; ).  So please be sure to place your order at least 2-4 weeks ahead of event. I hate to turn anybody away and I sometimes can take an order with less notice so please contact me to see if that is the case. Remember if you have a custom design in mind that you don’t see in one of my galleries, please contact me with your ideas.

Please be sure to read below about how to order and about refund policies here at pricing and payment before ordering.

How to Use Gallery and Place an Order/Receive a Quote 
(Filling out this form does not commit you to ordering, it is just a starting place)

  • I do not use a “cart” feature on my website where you select a product and then immediately purchase it.
  • Helpful Hint: When looking through the gallery if you see a design you like start a list and jot down the name of that particular design. If you want to go back to it, you can use the search option if need be.
  • Please read product description for each design in gallery for details.
  • Some prices are listed but many are not so please request a quote.
  • Color changes or other personalizing are available on many designs on site as well as some designs are available in different sizes to help fit your budget.
  • Any design on the site may be ordered individually to create your own assortment even if it is in a “collection”.  Please indicate on order form your preferences along with any changes.
  • Not all changes mean there will be an extra charge but some may.
  • To receive a quote and help in budgeting for your order, please start the process by reading the FAQ and Pricing pages. There is a rough breakdown of prices on the Pricing page. Then proceed by filling out the questionnaire on the right.
    • Fields marked with an * are required.
    • Please describe in as much detail the design(s) you would like.
    • Email your ideas, colors, etc. @ cornerhutchcookies@gmail.com
    • After I receive your request I will contact you within 48 hrs (usually in just a few hours) to let you know if I have availability on my calendar and to discuss your ideas.
    • Once all the details for your order are figured out I will then email you a quote and discuss payment details.

1. First & Last Names*

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6. State*

7. Zip Code*

8. What is the date of your event?*

9. What is the time of your event?*

10. What day would you like your cookies delivered?*

11. What address will cookies be delivered or shipped to? If this is a gift, please note the name of the recipient.

12. If this is a gift, do you want a gift note enclosed? If so, what do you want it to say?

13. What is the theme of your event?
(e.g. Boy Birthday with Airplanes; Easter; Polka Dots)

14. What is your color palette?

15. If there is a cookie(s) in the gallery you would like to order, please list the name of product here.
OR if you would like a custom order please describe with as much detail the design you have in mind.

16. Would you like your cookies personalized? If so, with what letter or name or number?

18. What flavor cookies would you like?
Classic sugar cookies
Classic VanillaClassic Vanilla/Almond

Gluten Free: Please read here first about GF cookies before ordering.
Gluten-Free VanillaGluten-Free Vanilla/Almond

19. What is your budget (including tax, shipping or delivery)? To help with budgeting, see rough breakdown of cookie prices here.
(Minimum order is $30 per flavor/type and does not include custom design fee, tax, and shipping/delivery)

20. How many cookies do you want total AND How many of each cookie design would you like?

21. Each cookie is individually wrapped in a clear heat-sealed bag (included in price). Would you like each bag tied with a coordinating ribbon for $0.25 each (color is baker's choice)? Custom colored ribbon may be added for an additional fee. If so, please note desired color in comments and add photo if possible.

22. A non-refundable deposit is required within 48 hrs once all details are worked out for your order and final quote is emailed to you to secure date on my cookie calendar.*

23. Do you have any other questions that I can answer for you?

24. How did you hear about Corner Hutch Cookies?