Fall/Thanksgiving Specials

THANKSGIVING 2021, Thursday, November 25th.

  • DEADLINE for Thanksgiving orders ends November 15th (or when calendar is full, whichever comes first).
  • SHIPPING of Thanksgiving orders will be by Friday, November 19th and local deliveries will be by Tuesday, November 23rd.
  • Minimum order of $30.00 waived for designs shown here in Specials.
  • Please list choices and quantities on Order form. Be specific please.
  • All cookies individually wrapped (or as indicated in listing) in heat sealed bag.
  • Some designs may be personalized. See listings for details.
    Please add names on order form.
  • Optional ribbons on cookie bags $0.50 each (may select on order form).
  • Individual cookies from various sets may be selected to make own assortment.
    Please request a quote for specific designs.
  • Pricing listed for cookies excludes tax, shipping or delivery fees.
  • **BE SURE to check out all the new fun designs for
    PAINT YOUR OWN(PYO) cookies here.  Any designs may be ordered for the holidays.

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NEW!!! Cookie Dippers & Color Your Own Cookie
Thanksgiving Cookie Dippers
  • Just dip cookies in or spread yummy frosting on cookies, add sprinkles and enjoy!
  • Includes 12 – 1.5″  pressed cookies, a cup of frosting and a bag of seasonal sprinkles wrapped in a heat sealed bags in clear clam shell container wrapped with seasonal ribbon.
  • 2 each of 6 designs: turkey, corn, leaf/acorn, pumpkin w/hat, leaf, squirrel.


Color your own Pumpkin or Turkey
  • Create your own work of art on cookies that can be colored with food markers.
  • Includes 8 – 3.0″ -3.25″ plain white cookies (4 each of turkeys & pumpkins – or choose qty of each) and 7 different colors of food markers.

Food markers that come with the color your own cookies can be used on the PYO cookies as well if you’d like.

Paint Your Own (PYO) Cookies

BE SURE to check out all the new fun designs and details for
cookies here.
Any designs may be ordered for the holidays.

Thanksgiving Collection
$53.00 (2021)
  • Includes 18 cookies in heat sealed bags as indicated here.
    ( 9 cookies 3.0″ – 5.0″ individually wrapped
    and 9 miniatures 1.5″ bagged 3 to bag) and boxed together with seasonal ribbon.
Hello Fall Collection
$64 (2021)
  • Includes 28 cookies in heat sealed bag as indicated here:
    (8 cookies 3.5″-5.0″ individually wrapped
    and 20 miniatures 1.5″ bagged 2 per bag)
  • Boxed together with seasonal ribbon.
$4.50 each
  • Size: 3.5″
  • List quantity on order form.
  • Miniatures available – 1.5″
    Minimum purchase 2 dozen bagged 3 cookies per bag =8 bags
    Price per 2 dozen: $30.00
Thankful and Blessed Collection

Price for entire collection ( ? cookies) as shown boxed together with seasonal ribbon on box:

-Individual cookies may be purchased to make your own assortment.
(see next 3 listings for ideas of smaller assortments).
–List desired designs and quantity on order form.
(use name given to cookie design please.)
-Box size/color will be baker’s choice depending on size of order.
-Pricing includes each cookie individually wrapped in heat sealed bag.

  • Names may be added on several of the cookies
    for $0.25 each – see listings.
  • Ribbons(baker’s choice) may be added to bags for additional $0.50 each.
  • A hand written name tag maybe be added to any of the cookie bags (which will also include a ribbon) for $1.00 extra.
  • Please be specific on order form for each cookie.

Thankful and Blessed Sticks: $2.75 each
Turkey: $5.00
-may add name $0.25 extra – list name on order form.
Pilgrim Girl and Boy: $5.00 each
-may add name on brim of bonnet $0.25 extra –
list name on order form.
Scarecrow: $4.50 each
Pumpkin Latte: $4.50 each
Turkey Pot Pie: $5.00 each, may add name on pot $0.25 extra –
list name on order form.
Apple Pie: $4.50 each
Pumpkin Pie Slice: $3.75 each
Leaves(multicolored): $3.50 each
Leaves (w gold flecks): $3.50 each
Pumpkins with swirls:
$4.25 each
Sunflowers: $4.25 each
Orange & White Pumpkins: $4.25 each
Pumpkin with swirls: $4.25 each
Candied Apple: $5.00 each