Gluten Free Cookies Are Now Available

August 23, 2016 5:26 pm Published by

After many requests for hand decorated gluten free cookies I have done a lot of research, consulted with other gluten free bakers and experimented a great deal to create my own gluten free cookie recipe.  I believe they taste as great as my “regular” cookie recipe and have a wonderful texture as well. Please note:  Although I use all gluten free ingredients in these cookies and am extremely careful to avoid cross contamination with gluten products, I do store and use wheat products (gluten) in my kitchen.  Therefore it is NOT a totally gluten free kitchen and cookies are not “certified” as GF. Please keep in mind the degree of sensitivity to gluten of the person for whom you are ordering.  There is an extra charge for gluten free orders.  Please contact me about pricing.  As of now I will offer 2 flavors for gluten free cookies: Classic Vanilla and Vanilla Almond. I hope to add other flavors in the future as time permits to create new recipes.  Please read FAQs for more information.

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