Hopscotch Bunny Collection

March 7, 2018 2:20 pm Published by
  • Possibly consider having a hopscotch game as an activity this Easter and watch the kids hop right on over when they see these fun treats in their Easter basket. The hopscotch “courts” are loaded with yummy candies as an extra treat.
  • Collection includes 12 cookies, 3 each of Hopscotch Court, Bunnies, Hippity Hop Carrots, and Bunny Tracks.
  • *If you wish to purchase any designs from Easter gallery options separately to make your own custom assortment please list specific choices on order form to request a quote. (ex. from this may just want to purchase only hopping bunnies)

Size range: 2.0″ – 4.5″

Price: $30.00
(Please see note above to purchase individual designs.)

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